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FA file integrations 101 webinar (October 25th 2022)

This webinar is designed for FA customers wanting to learn the basics of building file integrations in FA. It gives you an overview of what can be done with custom file integrations and introduces you to the main tools used in their development: Camel routes and data mappings.

In the demo case, we show you how to import transaction data to FA from an XML (or a custom format CSV) file. This consists of:

  • Creating an XSLT stylesheet for transforming the XML file to CSV.

  • Creating a mapping for converting the contents of the CSV file into FA format.

  • Creating a Camel route that fetches the XML file, triggers the XML to CSV transformation and transfers the result to a predefined location for mapping and importing the transactions data.

  • Deploying the Camel route and uploading the XML file.