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Manually execute trade orders

You can manually execute trade orders via Trade order execution or Confirm trade orders (Excel) in FA Back reference. To send out trade order transactions via email, see Generate reports for transactions and trade orders.

Manual execution with trade order bulking

If you are using trade order bulking and you need to define the execution parameters (unit price, trade time, counterparty, and so on), it is recommended to execute only the trade order in the bulk portfolio manually.

After manual execution of the bulk portfolio trade order, the transaction related to the executed trade is distributed to client portfolios with bulk trade order execution:

  1. Go to the Transactions view.

  2. Search for the transactions in your bulk portfolio that you wish to execute.

  3. At the bottom of the screen, select either Bulk → Execute bulked trade orders or Bulk → Execute valid bulked trade orders directly. The former option presents you with a confirmation screen of the orders to be executed. The latter option executes the orders directly without any additional confirmation.

After following these steps, the client trade orders are executed and transaction in the bulk portfolio is tagged with the "Bulk executed" tag. Transactions with this tag can't be executed again.