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Set up Office 365 connection

To set up the connection to Office 365, you need to have admin access at your organization's Office 365 account

In order for FA to connect to your organization’s Office 365, it needs to have the access there. The access can be granted by the administrator of the Office 365 account by following these instructions.

To grant the access, first make sure you know what is the tenant name of your organization’s Office 365 account. It’s usually the last part of your organization’s email addresses, e.g. for the tenant would be

The access needs to be granted separately for calendar and email integration. The access is granted with the following two links, replacing TENANT in the url with the tenant of your organization.

For example, if the tenant is, the calendar access would be granted at

Grant the access by going to the two urls, logging in with your Office 365 credentials, and following the on-screen instructions.

After you have granted the access, please ask FA to finalize the configuration for you. This final step can only be done by FA; after FA has finalized the configuration you can start using the connectivity as described in Synchronize emails and events.