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Transactions report (PDF)


This is a template you can use to build customized transactions reports. Import the template in the jsreport UI. Once the template is imported, you can generate the report from FA Back (for more information, see Generate reports for portfolios in FA User guide).



The report requires shared folders to function correctly, see Sample reports.


This template includes the following:

  • a GraphQL query to fetch transactions

  • text localization (English, Swedish)

  • header and footer

  • number and date formatting based on locale

  • parameters that let you choose which transaction types to include in the generated report

  • several sorting functions that sort the transactions in multiple steps

  • transaction types (names and codes) that are translated based on the selected language and the following logic:

    If a translation is available in FA Back, it will be used. Otherwise, the report will look for a translation in the language file (localization folder). If no translation is found there either, it will use the name or code directly without any translation.


Transactions report template:


Shared folders containing header, footer, images and translations: