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Extensions Q2 / 2021 - Release notes

These features, improvements and bug fixes have been developed as extensions during X 2021 - they have been released in FA AppStore week 41, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.


Bug fixes

  • "Report language" configuration now works correctly in Bookkeeping reporting, allowing you to control the language of the generated report.

  • Bookkeeping rules now allow you to book realized FX profit/loss when that P/L is coming from adjusted purchase value.


Bug fixes

  • Strategy Analyzer now sums up timing, selection and interaction correctly on the total level - the values are always aggregated instead of calculated separately on each level.


Features and improvements

  • Securities API now optionally returns security's profile data with load-security-by-id.

Bug fixes

  • API: accounts now shows correct start balance when there are multiple portfolios with same account and multiple unsettled transactions.

  • Fixed an issue in API: contacts that resulted the API sometimes failing to compile and start up.

  • To clarify how the API: importing works, the “body” field is now visible in Administration - API - Documentation, to be consistent with our other import API; previously it was not.

Bank and Custody Connections

Bug fixes

  • M2Wealth: Import Transactions and Reconcile Positions now correctly sets the default assignee of the task as "default" instead of empty.


Features and improvements

  • Support for handling limit warnings has been improved in Run limits for selected portfolios. You can now choose to distinguish (via tagging) portfolios with no breaches but with some warnings, from portfolios with neither breaches or warnings.

Corporate Actions

Bug fixes

  • Import corporate actions now supports importing also Capital Call type corporate actions.

  • Import corporate actions no longer updates corporate actions when the corporate action has already been run.

Data Aggregation

Features and improvements

  • New query Export fund prices to Morningstar allows you to export fund prices (NAV) to Morningstar. Columns within the query and the export format are defined by Morningstar, and the query should be exported as CSV.

  • Synchronize FA now contains two new optoons to control the data to be synchronized between two FA instances: "include tags" allows you to define a list of tags that are used to filter the changed entities (only the entities with one or more of the configured tags are included) and "manipulate entities before sending" allows you to configure a mapper for supported entity type (to run it through data mapping before sending).

Bug fixes

  • Synchronize FA now can synchronize large sets of data over API - synchronization data is split up into smaller data sets, with default size 1 000 entities.

External Reporting

MiFIR transaction reporting

Features and improvements

  • MiFIR transaction reporting now allows you to define ISIN validity period to control instrument reporting. By defining the dates, you can set the time period when the security can be reported using only ISIN.

Bug fixes

  • MiFIR transaction reporting now correctly picks up security's maturity date to the report when a date is filled in.

SIRA reporting

Bug fixes

  • SIRA report now allows you to mark and report positions as collateral through tagging position's security as collateral.

  • SIRA report now supports reporting real estate records according to the specification.

  • SIRA report now allows you to specify issue and maturity dates for loans entered through accounts through the base instrument of the account.

Bug fixes

  • SIRA report now reports all ITEM rows in EUR regardless of the portfolio's currency.

  • SIRA report now calculates aggregate account balances correctly when there are both positive and negative balances.

  • Fixed an issue where SIRA report might fails due to the new collateral reporting option.

Other external reporting

Bug fixes

  • AIFMD report no longer shows decimals in LeverageAmount, calculates Geographical AUM rate from total exposure values, and filters out negative positions from portfolio concentrations.

  • Futur IDD report now correctly reports 0.00 instead of "null" when there is no value to report.

  • Transaction and holdings to Danica has been improved in terms of reporting logic for holdings period, no longer unnecessarily reporting 0 holdings.

FA Front

Features and improvements

  • Online trading now support to skip account selection, to select non-cash-accounts and to set a maximum percentage of positions that may be sold based on trade-amount.

  • Online trading improves the formatting of the "internal info" of the created trade. "Internal info" is now saved to the trade order with proper formatting: memo=entered text;.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Online trading and Dynamic documents where new tags defined in preferences was not picked up.

  • Design-based importer now supports running the process against FA Front's table component ("datagrid", single row and multiple rows).

Fund Management

Bug fixes

  • Fund settings and Share class settings have been extended to accommodate new features in FA Fund Management. "Account number for cash transactions" for FA Fund Management is now available also in Share class settings in addition to Fund settings, allowing you to configure the account number to be used for cash transactions per share class. This is useful for example if there are share classes in different currencies, and you want to direct cash transactions of the share class to an account with a corresponding currency. In addition, Fund settings now allow you to configure customized report name, if you want to generate different NAV reports per different funds.

  • Fund settings allows you to specify cut-off times for fund's trade orders. These settings can be used together with a decision table to control cut-off times for your funds.

Bug fixes

  • Exporting NAV calculation data to Excel from Fund management process no longer produces weird characters.

  • NAV calculation within the Fund management process now works also for funds without positions.

Fee Management

Features and improvements

  • Rebate contracts now allow you to add a tag for portfolios that had rebates calculated successfully.

  • Standard capitalizations now provides you with a possibility to separate taxes in the created capitalization transactions.

  • Standard capitalizations now contains an improved logic to determine the start date of capitalization: a tag is added to all transactions created through capitalization, and the next capitalization is started from the previous tagged transaction. This allows you to capitalize multiple accounts with same target account, transaction type and security.

  • Accrued kickback formulas now allow you to calculate accrued kickbacks against the entire portfolio, in addition to calculating accrued kickbacks only for one position at a time.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Standard capitalizations related to start date lookup from source portfolio failing to get a valid start date.

  • Standard capitalizations now uses the configured "priority" value properly.

Market Data Connector

Features and improvements

  • Import security data from external feed now supports security-code specific mapping. If a mapping "mapping.X" is defined and the process is run against a an Equity (E), it checks if there is a more detailed mapping called "mapping.X.E". If not, defaults to "mapping.X".

  • Import security data from external feed and Create/update security information from external source now support mapping independent of update code logic. If s.updateCode is defined in the mappings the it will be replaced with s.updateCode1, s.updateCode2 or s.updateCode3, depending on which close field the market data connector is configured.

  • Morningstar integration now allows you also to fetch "fund attributes" dataset through the corresponding API.

Bug fixes

  • When mass-creating or mass-updating securities, Create security from external source now correctly overrides mapping key with configured mapping for Bloomberg.

Model Portfolio Management

Features and improvements

  • Rebalance templates now support new rebalancing features introduced in FA Back 3.10: rebalance templates support the new preference for limiting maximum share of cash from sells used for buys, and the new option do to "full rebalancing".


Features and improvements

  • Monthly withdrawals now support calculating time-based withdrawals (e.g. pension plans), with a configurable minimum withdrawal size.

  • General outgoing payments now supports picking up creditor reference from tr int info for pain.001 and improves the support for having multiple pain001 messages in the same file.


Features and improvements

  • Reconciliation route now supports reconciliation by settlement date through using an alternative upload location.

Bug fixes

  • Reconciliation - Positions no longer omits security identifiers if position is not found: identification sent in reconciliation file is now shown as the security identifier.

  • Reconciliation - Positions now allows you to reconcile positions excluding unsettled trades.


Features and improvements

  • Allocation history (value) report now uses data from Analytics+, standard header & footer, new chart library and standard styles.

  • Dynamic documents now allows you to filter documents, making it easier to find the document you want to generate, and to multi-select and order documents to combine multiple documents into a single file.

Bug fixes

  • Transaction confirmation report no longer opens with missing fields when generated from FA Front.

  • Transactions report now only shows "Accepted" transactions, correctly considers transaction's booked values, and correctly picks up transaction's trade amount from the system, taking into account taxes and costs correctly for the transactions.

  • Performance and Cashflow report's cashflow chart now correctly considers accrued interests.


Features and improvements

  • New Settlement service package provides a modernized, unified implementation of SWIFT settlements. Before, the system settlement instructions slightly differently for each of the supported banks - the goal with the new Settlement service is to achieve a settlement channel that is not bank-specific, but instead based on a fuller implementation of the messaging standard, which many banks would accept as-is.

Bug fixes

  • SWIFT processes tag logic is no longer sensitive to white spaces in the tags, and the tagging rule now checks if the configured tag is Settlement-waiting and in that case adds it without the spaces, otherwise "Settlement - waiting".

Tax Reporting

Finnish tax reporting

Bug fixes

  • 9A - Tax form now correctly shows decimals to the cent within "Arvopapereiden luovutustappiot yhteensä" field.

Swedish tax reporting

Bug fixes

  • KURED process for Swedish tax reporting is now using the latest schema version (7.0), as required by the tax authorities for 2021 reporting.

  • KU31 (Income statement for dividends etc for shares and other securities) report in KURED process for Swedish tax reporting now supports monthly reporting of dividends also with FA version 3.4.

  • KU30 (Income statement for investment savings account) report in KURED process for Swedish tax reporting now correctly calculates the ingoing balance for each quarter even if there is a deposit during the first day of the quarter. Such deposits are no longer taken into account twice.

System (including Administration and Utilities)

Features and improvements

  • Scheduling Manager now supports limited visibility: if configured so, the process list is filtered based on if the user has a role that allows them to run the process in question.

  • New Audit logs queries (Audit logs (AppStore), Audit logs (selected user) and Audit logs (manual report updates)) now provide you with pre-made queries to easily access some of the most commonly used audit log data. The queries show logs of every AppStore event (i.e. when an extension was installed, updated, or uninstalled), all the audit logs for the selected user (within the specified date range), or logs of manually triggered report updates (within the specified date range).

Bug fixes

  • Monitor market prices process now works in recent FA versions after removing an unused import.

  • Query based monitoring now works together with queries where endDate or startDate can be left empty - certain types of queries, which rely on a possibly blank parameter, now work with Query based monitoring.

  • Workflow Builder no longer unnecessarily launches processes against a saved search if the search returns no results.

  • Integration Startup Tool no longer logs unnecessary errors for partially configured beans.