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UI and data fields

Custom profiles and Analytics+ columns allow you to adapt FA to your own needs and use FA more efficiently.


Custom profiles help you extend standard UI to collect, store, and view the data entered by the user. For example, you can create a custom profile to store ESG values on security or to store client-specific information on contacts.

A custom profile is displayed as a tab that you can tailor to your needs and show for contacts, portfolios, or securities. A tab can contain components, such as text fields, drop-down menus, and date fields. 

To learn more about custom profiles, see the Profiles section.

Analytics+ columns

Custom Analytics+ columns let you calculate custom values in FA and use these figures in reports or view them as columns in Analytics+. For example, you can create a new TWR column based on your own formula.

Using custom Analytics+ columns can save time and reduce the risk of human error when calculating values outside FA.

 To learn more about custom analytics+ columns, see the Analytics columns section.