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Set the cut-off time

Depending on your fund management flow, there might be a need to automatically make sure that certain transactions or trade orders that come after the cut-off time are not affecting the NAV calculation. This applies to the following cases:

  • Fund portfolio’s transactions

  • Fund subscriptions/redemptions

To help with this, the following decision table can be utilized:


More information about decision tables can be found in the FA Developer guide: Business rules.

The steps to take this decision table into use are:

  1. Specify the cut-off time in the Fund wizards in FA Fund Management. If you didn't add it when creating the fund, you can add it later by re-opening the wizard.

    1. Go to the FA Fund Management app.

    2. Open the NAV status view, choose the fund and click edit.png.

    3. Select the Order execution tab and enter the time in 24 hour format (for example, 13:00).

    4. Click Save.

  2. Modify the decision table to match your needs. By default, the decision table contains the following rules:

    • Change today's accepted transactions to not finished, if after cut-off and before NAV calculation

    • Change today's not finished transactions to accepted, if after NAV calculation

    • Change today's executable trade orders' transaction dates to next fund business date, if after cut-off

  3. Upload the decision table via Tools → Administer → Decision tables.

  4. With this setup, a fund portfolio transaction, that is made after cut-off and before NAV has been calculated, will change its status to Not finished (disabling its effects). If the same transaction is later re-saved after the NAV calculation, its status would change to Accepted (enabling its effects). Any fund trade order made after cut-off, will have its transaction date postponed to the next business date (pushed to next NAV) in accordance to the fund's holiday calendar setting.

    • You can use the Run transaction rules or Modify trade orders → Run rules functionalities to mass-change the statuses and transaction dates for larger group of transactions / trade orders

    • The rule run can also be scheduled; refer to the Admin guide for more details: Scheduling - Getting started.Scheduling - Getting started