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Standard solution 1.31 - Release notes

Released: June 14th, 2022

CoinGecko market data connector

CoinGecko is an independent cryptocurrency data aggregator that tracks over 9,000 cryptos.

With version 1.31 of Standard Solution, cryptocurrency market data and basic security reference data can be fetched via CoinGecko API. The integration works similar to the other standard Market data connectors such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv, SIX etc.

Some market data providers (e.g. Bloomberg) provide prices for the most common cryptocurrencies. CoinGecko integration is useful if you need to market data for many different cryptocurrencies and not the most common ones, for example if you manage a crypto fund in FA.


Learn more:

Set up CoinGecko market data connectorin FA Admin Guide.

File uploads for FA Client Portal

If you use FA Client Portal, you can change the logo and contact page by uploading the files to a folder on the server. Standard Solution version 1.31 provides support to upload logo and contact.html files from FA Back and get them saved to the right place.

In addition, version 1.31 provides support to upload a full ZIP-package of FA Client Portal, and it gets unzipped to the right place. This is useful if you or a third party made a customized version of FA Client Portal and want to start using it in production.


Learn more:

FA Client Portal setupin FA Admin Guide.

FA Front improvements

Investment plan control

Version 1.31 provides support for a new FA Front role which contains the Investment plan editor. The new role can be combined with other existing FA Front roles to have the UI hold the information your end clients want to see.

With the Investment plan editor available in FA Front, end clients can control their investment plans themselves in FA Front.


Learn more:

Import views from other roles in FA Frontin FA Admin Guide.

Tradeable securities

With version 1.31, datagrids used for showing securities that can be traded, use a pre-defined filter to only show securities that have the tag "Tradeable". With this approach, you can control which securities show up in the trading view, as you normally don´t want to allow to trade all securities in the system.


Learn more:

Access for customersin FA User Guide.

Other improvements

Additional Solvency II classifications

In an earlier version, we added support to classify securities according to Solvency II directive. Version 1.31 provides support for additional classifications such as contacts (issuer), portfolio and ratings according to EIOPA specifications. These classifications can be used when doing customized extracts from FA for further processing/reporting.


Learn more:

Classify data according to Solvency II directivein FA User Guide.

Cryptocurrencies as subtype to Others (miscellaneous)

In version 1.31, Cryptocurrencies has been added as subtype to security type Other (miscellaneous) to allow for adding Cryptos in a standard way. Also crypto securities created using the CoinGecko integration are created as subtype Cryptocurrencies.


Automatically execute trade orders

Trading connectors update the info on executed trades and set them to status "Executed in the market", and the next step would be to execute the trade orders for them to become transactions.

In addition to executing the trades manually, version 1.31 provides support to automatically execute the trade orders to be able to automize the full trading flow.

Learn more:

Automatically execute trade ordersin FA User Guide.

Support for test files in Futur pension reporting

Futur Pension now has the possibility to handle test files in addition to production files. Version 1.31 provides support for defining whether files are going to be sent to Futur Pension production or test environment.


Learn more:

Configure and create transaction and holding reports for Futur Pensionin FA User Guide.


  • SEB custody report now also includes FX contracts

  • Saved views for bulking now has proper filtering and correct status filter.

  • Cash transactions (Fund) process now uses the correct transaction types.