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Import transactions

To import transactions from Bloomberg AIM, you need to set “AIM-ID” as an external ID for the portfolios where the transactions are imported. Refer to the Portfolio window and Contact window, IDs sections in FA Back reference for more details.

When importing transactions, FA processes them depending on the security type associated with the transaction. For mapping details, refer to FA Admin guide: Trade data mapping. If the security of the transaction is not found in the system, FA creates a new security. 

For equities, bonds and futures, a temporary security with the status “Passive” is created. You need to adjust the details of these temporary securities so that they match reality. Add the details manually or via the Bloomberg security data integration (Get extended security data).

For term deposits and interest rate swaps, the complete security is created, and FX transactions are imported as contracts.

To view the import results in the Tasks view, look for the tasks named Imported Bloomberg Online Trade Feed data from ... If there were issues, you can find the details and correct any issues in open tasks.