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Extended position information on the Overview

Overview allows you to see the effect of unsettled transactions and unexecuted trade orders on your positions by moving your mouse above an affected position.


The extended position information is by default enabled, and every user can see the effect of the unsettled transaction and unexecuted trade orders on the Overview. You can also choose to hide the extended position information by right-clicking the Overview and choosing Hide extended position info. To show the extended position information, right-click the Overview and choose Show extended position info. Whether the extended position information is shown or hidden it's remembered for your user name. If you choose to show the extended position information in your latest session, opening FA again will open the Overview with the extended position information.

When the extended position information is enabled, positions are highlighted with red and marked with a symbol to indicate that the position is affected by unsettled transactions (marked with a circle overview_circle.png) and/or unexecuted trade orders (marked with a star overview_star.png). Moving your mouse over a marked row shows you more information on the effects, including the current position, effects, and the position afterwards. For accounts, the unsettled transactions are shown as upcoming cash flows, and for portfolio total, you can see the overall effect of your trade orders on your portfolio.

Find below examples on how the effects of unsettled transactions and unexecuted trade orders are shown on security positions, accounts and portfolio total.