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Managing users

To view, create and modify users, go to the User management view in FA Admin Console app.


View and search for users

To search for a user by login, name, or email, enable filtering in the top-right corner of the user list.

To filter users by user roles, click the filter icon in the top-right corner of the User management view. Choose the roles from the dropdown list - a user is shown if the user has any of the selected roles.

Add a user

To add a user:

  1. Go to the User management view in the FA Admin Console app.

  2. Click Add user at the top-right corner and fill in the user information:

    • The User ID used as a username at login and Email (required fields).

    • Linked contact to set up limited visibility or FA Front access with external identity provider.

    • Other fields if needed. See the User details pane section in FA Admin Console reference for more details about fields and their purpose.

  3. Click Edit user roles in the User details pane and choose which apps your user can access and with what roles.

    To access an app, a user needs a role for it – a user without any roles can't access any application.

  4. Let the user know about their credentials and how to get a password.

    • Send them the user ID – FA doesn't send this information automatically.

    • Instruct the user to request a password reset link by clicking Forgot password on the login page.

Modify a user

To modify a user, click on the user in the list. You can:

  • ActivateDeactivate a user. Switch the user’s status. Deactivated user can’t log in to FA. We recommend using this option instead of deleting the user – this maintains the user's history while preventing them from accessing FA.

  • Edit user info. For more information about the user details, see the Information block description in the FA Admin Console reference: User details pane.

  • Edit user roles. For more information about the user roles, see the Roles block description in the FA Admin Console reference: User details pane.

Delete a user

To delete a user and all user information from the system, click the Delete user icon. A deleted user can’t log in. If you just want to disable a user and prevent them from logging in, consider deactivating the user instead of deleting it.

Unblock a user (brute force detection)

To check if the user lost access to FA due to the brute force detection:

  1. Go to the FA Admin console, User Management view.

  2. Click the user row to open the User details pane on the right. You will see the user’s status in Brute force detection - blocked or unblocked.

To unblock the user, click Unblock and activate.