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Create Mandate amendment request file (pain.010)

This how-to will explain how to create a Mandate Amendment request file in FA that can be sent to the bank.


  • Portfolio with an account that has account tag Mandate-Waiting

  • Portfolio account has a unique Mandate reference (maximum 16 digits)

  • Portfolio account have an Account number defined

  • Portfolio’s Contact need to have civic/social security number stored in External ID field

Steps to create Mandate Amendment request file

Go to Portfolios view Mandates - Waiting amendments. All accounts with tag Mandate-Waiting Amendment is listed.


Click Payments → Direct Debit → Send amendment request.

The process will create one file per mandate. Download the file(s) to your local computer from the download icon. If some data is missing (e.g. mandate reference), it will also create a validation error file which can be used to check what data is missing.


Click “Done

Clicking this button will change account tag from Mandate-Waiting amendment to Mandate-Pending amendment. File will then also be saved to /back-writable/payments/mandate/outbound.

Manually upload the file(s) to the bank e.g. using a FTP client such as Filezilla.

Response files

When the bank has received the file(s) they will send response files (pain.012) which is to be imported to FA. Pls see Import Mandate request response files (pain.012)


If you want to automate the file transfer to and from the bank, check Automate file transfer for Mandate and Direct Debit payments documentation.