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Standard solution 1.32 - Release notes

Released: August 2nd, 2022

Standard solution 1.32 provides you with an improved tool to handle the keys and certificates used in your integrations, support for the NETS Direct Remittance payment format and more flexible user roles for trade order management.

Improved keystore management tool

You can now view and edit existing certificates and keys used in your integrations using the improved Import certificates and keys tool. It now lists the existing entries, which makes it possible for you to monitor when they are about to expire. You can also rename and delete entries. It is also now possible to import certificate entries in addition to the previously supported keystores and private keys.


Lean more: Import certificates and keys for integrations in FA Admin Guide.

NETS Direct Remittance payments

Payments via Nets Direct Remittance is a way to send money to end-clients in Norway when doing securities trading.

Version 1.32 provides support to create the payments instruction file in Nets Direct Remittance format, which can be sent to Nets to send the money to the end-clients external bank account. The version also provides support for reading in response files from Nets, and update the transaction in FA accordingly.

In order to use Nets Direct Remittance, you need to have an agreement with Nets and to configure some details by going to Tools → Administer → Bank and custody connections → Manage and open the Payment material tab. Once that is done, the file can be created by going to Transactions view and selecting the transactions to be included. Click Payments → Create payment instructions at the bottom of the page. This will tag the transactions with Payment-Processing and open a window to process the payment file(s) .

More flexible roles for trade order management

Three new user roles have been added for trade order management. With these new roles, you can define separately which users can view, modify or execute trade orders. This is useful if you have different users handling different parts of the trade order flow.

Other improvements

You can now define how trade orders should be handled in Infront using improved tags and documentation.

You can now create preliminary cash transactions for the funds you manage in FA already for trade orders that have not been executed yet. This can be used to estimate cashflows for example in master-feeder fund structures.


FA Client Portal

  • The document tag Online can now be used also with FA Client Portal in addition to FA Front. You can use it to manage which documents are visible to your clients.