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Set key figures in rules

Contacts, portfolios and securities may have additional time series data stored as key figures. These attributes can be retrieved, set or removed by rules using a handy utility called KeyFigureUtils.


The KeyFigureUtils and relevant domain objects needs to be imported into the rule table:

import fi.fasolutions.mod.portfoliomanagement.util.KeyFigureUtils;
import fi.fasolutions.mod.portfoliomanagement.domain.*;
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;


Get a key figure value

Example of getting the latest key figure value for key figure <key figure code> for a security $s. If you wish to retrieve a historical key figure value, use the desired date instead of new Date().

KeyFigureUtils.getKeyFigureValue($s, "<key figure code>", new Date(), services);

Set key figure

Example of setting a value of 3 on 1.1.2021 for an integer key figure with the code CO2. The type should correspond to the configuration of the key figure in Preference → Content and translations → Key figures and can be Integer, Double, Boolean or String.

KeyFigureUtils.addKeyFigure($s, "CO2", new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd").parse("2021-01-01"), 3, services);

The same syntax can also be used to replace an existing value. If the security already had a value for the CO2 key figure on 1.1.2021, the method above would update the value to 3.

Remove key figure

Example of removing a key figure CO2 value for 1.1.2021 from a security.

KeyFigureUtils.removeKeyFigure($s, "CO2", new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd").parse("2021-01-01"));