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Generate and display reports in a custom workflow

You can generate a report that includes form data entered by the user and display it to the user as a downloadable attachment in the custom workflow. For example, like KYC.pdf in the screenshot below.


Add a report template

Make the report template available in the Reports view in the FA Developer app.Reports view


To include the form data entered by the user in the report, add the import key you specified for the input field in the form settings. For example, in Step 1.3 - Create the Name text field component we add the import.c_name import key to the Name input field. In this case, a report template can access the data input in the Name field with the same import.c_name key.

Add and configure a service task

In your workflow model, add a new service task.


Define the following properties:

  • Delegate expression: ${reporter}.

  • Class fields:

    • reportTemplate: Path from the root folder to the report template. You can find in the Reports view – for example, /KYC/KYC in the Add a report template step.

    • fileName : The report display name, for example, KYC.pdf.

Add and configure a user task

In your workflow model, add a user task.


Add the form key of the form where you want to display the report link.

The generated report will appear as a link at the end of the form.