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Split executed trades to multiple portfolios

When you handle big trades on behalf of multiple clients, you can split the trade either before or after trading:

  • If you know the split in advance, use trade order bulking (see Handle bulking). 

  • If you already executed the trade and need to split it afterward, use the order splitting instruction below.

Splitting already executed trades

To split trade orders that are already executed, perform the following steps in FA Back:

  1. Select the transaction that you want to split to multiple portfolios in the Transactions view and click Split transaction to portfolios at the bottom of the view.

  2. Fill in the fields in the Transaction splitting window that opens:

    • Portfolios – The group of portfolios to split. You can select an individual portfolio, a contact or a portfolio group. Note that the group needs to be defined in advance (see Groups view in FA Back Reference).

    • Allocate – Allocation option.

      • Evenly: allocate to each of the portfolios with equal shares.

      • Based on portfolio value: allocate to each of the portfolios relative to their market values.

      • Based on position value: allocate to each of the portfolios relative to the market values of their existing positions in the same security as the trade that you are splitting.

  3. Adjust the suggested shares or amounts by double-clicking the row, adjusting the corresponding value and clicking Save.

  4. Check the Difference at the bottom of the table. If there is too much or too little divided, the bottom row shows the difference. Adjust accordingly, or select a single portfolio using the checkbox on the left and click Add remainder to selected portfolio to allocate the difference to the selected portfolio.

The details of each trade split are recorded into a completed task on the Tasks view. The task title is "Transaction split" followed by date and time.


To define the shares for certain portfolios manually and allocate the rest according to one of the options above, you can select the portfolios you wish to lock with the checkboxes on the left before clicking the button to allocate.