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Task Management


FA's Task Management allows you to track upcoming and completed tasks to manage and schedule tasks for yourself and others. You can store all activities, meetings, and communication you've had with your customers as tasks under their information, manage your daily chores with assigned tasks, or react to the tasks the system provides you with.


Record various kinds of upcoming, ongoing and past activities in the system

  • Store your task details - you can record tasks with all relevant data, including for example task type, assignee, due date, priority, duration, reference and linked contact. You can define your task with a title, description, and add attachments to your task. In addition, you can define default titles for different types of tasks.

  • Follow your task status - you can separately follow open and completed tasks. This allows you to for example produce "to do" task lists and see which activities you have completed. Most overdue tasks show up at the top of the open tasks list, and all open tasks with a due date in the past show up with an exclamation icon. Completed tasks are ordered based on most recent completion date.

  • View tasks linked to a customer or assigned to you - you can view tasks linked to a selected customer to see what kind of activities the customer has been involved with. Alternatively, you can browser through tasks on the tasks view based on several predefined task lists, including who the task is assigned to. For example, you can see only tasks assigned to you, who the task may be assigned to, who created the task, when is the task due, and what is the task's status (open or completed). In addition, you can search for tasks based on the task type, title, content, assignee, priority, or linked user.

  • View contacts associated with tasks - you can open a contact linked with a task directly from the task list, or search for all contacts linked to the tasks you have visible on the screen.

Manage tasks

  • Create, modify and delete tasks - you can create, modify and delete task details, and change the task status.

  • Mass-modify tasks - system administrators can also make mass-modifications to tasks. Administrators can search for and filter tasks based on various criteria, mass-modify selected tasks' status (open/completed) and/or mass-delete the selected tasks.

Continue ongoing workflows

  • View ongoing workflows in your open tasks lists - similarly to tasks, you can view ongoing workflows within your task lists. You can open a workflow to continue working with it.