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FA Back 3.10 - Release notes

FA Back 3.10 [latest updated version FA Back 3.10.4] has been released.

FA Back 3.10

Contains: Improvements in existing features and architecture

Released: April 20th, 2021

Improvements - see attached FA Back 3.10 Release notes for more details.

FA Back 3.10 Release notes.pdf

  • New parameters and settings in rebalancing

  • Improvements in storing FX Contracts into the system

  • Opportunity to give feedback on FA

  • Improvements in the background in recalculating report data

  • Extended system audit logging

  • Architectural improvements in the background to allow FA to automatically scale under increased workload

In addition to the improvements highlighted in the release notes, FA Back 3.10.0 includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

Bug fixes:

  • Rebalancing now correctly considers selected account settings when taking into account outstanding buy and withdrawal orders' effect. When outstanding trade orders of type "withdrawal" (negative cash effect without security) or "buy" (negative cash effect with security) are considered to adjust available cash or position weights, the logic first checks that the order is against a valid account, if “Include only cash accounts in available cash” or “Include only the default account in available cash” was selected within rebalance parameters.

  • Currency selectors within the application now only show "active" currency securities. This allows you to mark the currencies you no longer use as "passive" or "closed", allowing you to limit the list of currencies available to be selected.

  • You can no longer set a portfolio as a sub-portfolio to itself, ensuring that your sub-portfolio structure is solid.

  • Transactions with a lot of tags are now correctly visible in the transaction listings on the Overview and search views. Before, transaction with combined tags' size exceeding 255 characters were not visible in the transaction listings even though they were correctly saved in the database.

  • When user has multiple roles and the roles are changed in User Management in FA Admin Console, all the user's roles are now correctly synchronized to FA Back to use in user listings for limited visibility users. This ensures that the Task window's "owner" and "assignee" fields now correctly show all users with the same role for limited visibility users.

  • Market prices view no longer allows you to update prices on securities that are priced based on another security. When security's "Price from security" is set to another security, you cannot manually add prices to the security in the Security window nor through the Market prices view.

  • Clicking on the Overview section within the Customers view no longer mistakenly takes you to the Overview screen, but instead opens up the Overview within the Customers view as it should.

  • In addition, Overview section available through the Customers view no longer shows positions from passive or closed portfolios, ensuring it works consistently with the Overview.

  • When importing data into the system with a custom "Reader format configuration", the imported files are now interpreted correctly also when different data with different reader formats is imported into the system at the same time.

  • When a user modifies market prices of the security and then closes the window, the audit user message now clearly describes user's actions as "User <username> closed the Security window after modifying market data for security <security_id>".

  • When a user clicks the "Update" button in Transaction type Preferences, the audit user message now clearly describes user's actions as "User <username> clicked Update on transaction type <code> in Preferences."


  • Deleting a transaction from a portfolio without a contact no longer logs an unnecessary error.

  • Opening the Report window no longer logs an unnecessary error if no JSReports have been installed in the environment.

  • Email sending no longer fails due to the system unintentionally using old and deprecated SSL protocols - protocols "SSLv2Hello" and "SSLv3" are no longer available, and the system now uses only "TLSv1.1" or "TLSv1.2" when sending emails.

  • In addition, FA Back has been restructured in the background for it to better fit our microservice architecture. For example, certain technologies have been upgraded to latest versions and new technologies have been introduced for improved monitoring facilities.

APIs, processes and other developer tools:

  • GraphiQL client to access portfolio management APIs embedded in FA Back is now available within FA Developer application - you cannot any more access it via a direct URL.

  • Uninstalling a process no longer removes the configurations of another process even if the two processes have almost identical process ID:s. For example, uninstalling a process with ID "testProcess" no longer removes the configurations of another installed process "testProcessV2" (whose ID starts with the uninstalled processes' ID).


If you are using FX Contracts along with bookkeeping, the improvements in FA 3.10 allow you to capture the profit / loss you made on your contracts due to FX changes. Consider adjusting your posting rules with this new opportunity!

After FA 3.10, if you are creating a contract that ends in the future, the logic uses the latest FX rates available as the “settlement FX rate” of your contract - you might want to re-save your contract once your FX rates are up-to-date to update the settlement FX rates as well.

Updates to FA Back 3.10:

FA 3.10.1 Release notes

FA 3.10.1 is an update to FA 3.10. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Extended position information for accounts on the Overview (when hovering your mouse over an account) now only shows the cashflows from trade orders linked to that specific account - trade orders with "no account" are no longer shown in the extended position information on accounts.

  • When the system analyzes limits on a past date, the limit analysis is now correctly stored in the portfolio for the analysis date in the past. Before, even though limits were analyzed with past data, the results were always stored for current date.

  • Report calculations are now re-scheduled correctly in the Report Calculation microservice in case something goes wrong in the calculation.

  • Fixed an issue related to REST APIs occasionally not starting up correctly when FA Back starts up. On application startup, REST APIs now also start up correctly.

  • Analytics+ API now adjusts dates correctly based on provided timePeriodCodes also when you provide an endDate for your analysis. Also, time periods for Analytics+ GraphQL API are now working correctly.

  • Setting transaction type programmatically for example through a decision table rule no longer replaces the transaction type with "null" if a transaction type was not found in the system based on the given code.

  • In addition, metrics for mass-deleting transactions or trade orders now work correctly, providing proper statistics for monitoring.

FA 3.10.2 Release notes

FA 3.10.2 is an update to FA 3.10. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Adding or changing the representatives of a contact, either manually or through importing, now correctly updates the content of any dynamic groups you have based on contact representatives.

  • Fund position's "accrual" is now calculated correctly also when the position's security is priced with "Price from security", and the accrual values are picked up from this linked security.

  • TWR calculation now results in a correct TWR figure on the date of an exchange also for one-to-many exchanges. TWR figures were before correct before and after such an exchange, and now also on the date of the exchange. Note! In order for the figures to be calculated correctly, you exchange transaction type's "Remove effect" should be "Removes 2nd security".

  • Navigating to a specific contact or portfolio on the Overview with a direct link now again works correctly, allowing you for example to open a specific contact or portfolio on the Overview through a link in an another application.

  • Report calculation logs no longer unnecessarily show a lot of WARN level log messages when market data is not found - such messages don't provide valuable information, and have now been downgraded to DEBUG level.

  • Old custom reports using custom configurations now work correctly also in environments FA 3.5+.

  • In addition, this version fixes issues noticed in upgrading to the latest version: recreating so called "transaction_vo" (data for transaction listings) has been been improved to work properly also in environments with a lot of transactions, and authentication-related settings are stored correctly also when upgrading from FA 3.7.

FA 3.10.3 Release notes

FA 3.10.3 is an update to FA 3.10. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • FX Spots you enter into the system now again get a correct FX rate. Cashflow transaction created by the system for FX Spots correctly get their FX rates from the entered FX Contract.

  • Trade order execution now applies "rounding error" correctly also for sells and similar types of transactions where the Tax 2 effect typically is "Reduces trade amount". Before, the rounding error was recorded correctly on buy type transactions (where the Tax 2 effect is "Adds trade amount"), but the trade amount was corrected in the wrong direction for sell type transactions (where the effect is "Reduces trade amount"). Now, the rounding error logic works correctly in both scenarios.

  • Star icon to give feedback on FA has been temporarily disabled, since the icon overlapped with some buttons on certain views and with certain screen sizes. The feedback button will be enabled back with better positioning in the future!

  • You can now scroll through the content of the Key figures tab in the Contact, Portfolio and Security window also with view only permissions, allowing also view-only users to view a longer list of key figures that would not fit on the screen without a scroll bar.

  • When importing transactions or trade orders, the key word AUTO now works correctly for account (#10 tr.account) also when transaction's currency is left empty and determined automatically by the system.

  • Custom reader format Preferences now allow you to define a custom reader format for transactions or trade orders utilizing all the fields available in the file formats for importing transactions or trade orders. Before, various fields were missing from the reader format configuration Preferences.

  • In addition, you can now also import a value for transaction's coefficient (#43 tr.coefficient) with a custom reader format configuration - the value of the field is now imported correctly.

  • Importing multiple prices for the same security at once programmatically through the general importer now recalculates affected portfolios' report data correctly from the correct date onward.

  • You can now add multiple sub-portfolios to a parent portfolio also in newer installations of FA.

  • In addition, couple of issues were fixed related to initializing a new FA environment with an empty database. Required database tables are now created correctly and with the correct structure.

FA 3.10.4 Release notes

FA 3.10.4 is an update to FA 3.10. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Position market value is again shown correctly in portfolio currency instead of security currency also for private equity positions with zero purchase value and value adjustment transactions.

  • Positions with purchase costs and value adjustment now show correct Purchase value without costs.

  • Background operations to restart integrations when running in an environment with multiple FA Backs now work correctly.