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FA Front 3.9 - Release notes

FA Front 3.9 [latest updated version FA Front 3.9.0] has been released.

FA Front 3.9

Contains: Small improvements and fixes

Released: February 1st, 2021

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • New columns added for position and transaction / trade order listings in FA Back are now available also for the table component in FA Front. This includes "Exposure", "Accrual" and "Market value (d)" columns for position listings, and "Accrual" and "Last modified" columns for transaction / trade order listings.

  • Fixed an issue in the "FA-default" theme in iOS browsers that when FA Front is opened with iPhone's browsers, the logout is hidden behind Safari's toolbar. The problem occurred due to how iOS browsers calculate page height, and has now been fixed in the theme.

  • In addition, custom reports using custom fonts now work correctly, using the correct custom font when generated from the system.