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Set up SEB bank and custody connection


This article explains how to set up the connection parameters so that you can use SEB bank and custody connection.



Changing these configurations requires the Bank and custody connections (BCC) role.

In order to send and receive files from SEB, you need a private key for the SFTP connection. You need to send the corresponding public key to SEB. In addition you need to tell them to whitelist the IP. Usually for production systems, the IP to whitelist is This key should then be uploaded with the name private.pem through ToolsAdministerBank and custody connections → Upload keys….


In addition to be able to decrypt files coming from SEB and sign files going to SEB, you need to set up a PGP key pair and upload the relevant keys. Please follow the instructions in How to install a PGP key pair for PGP encrypted connections to do that.

Configuring parameters

Go to ToolsAdministerBank and custody connections → Manage….

Provide the following settings specific to the SEB connection under the SEB heading on the tab titled Connection settings:

  • Enable integration: checking this box enables the integration

  • Username: enter the username that you received from SEB

In addition, provide the PGP settings that you took note of when going through How to install a PGP key pair for PGP encrypted connections under General settings for PGP encryption:

  • Key user id: the user ID given when generating the key

  • Key passphrase: the passphrase given when generating the key


Once you click Done, the SEB integration is started.