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FA Developer 1.9 - Release notes

Released: December 2023

Consistent naming and structure of the views


While developing new components for users to manage tasks from Flowable workflows, we thought through the terminology related to workflows and forms. Now FA Developer uses the same terminology we use for end users.

Who is this for?

This feature is for all FA Developer users.


We have renamed:

  • Processes view into Workflows view.

  • The sub-menu items Modeler to Process modeler and Admin to Process admin.

We also moved the Forms view under Workflows as a sub-menu item to gather related features together.

Updates to FA Developer 1.9

FA Developer 1.9.1 - Release notes

FA Developer 1.9.1 is an update to FA Developer 1.9. This update incorporates a fix for an issue with logging out when using an external identity provider.