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FA Client Portal setup

FA Client Portal is an app that provides access to investment information for your clients. The app runs in the web browser on desktop and mobile devices and allows your clients to see their holdings, transactions, trade orders and documents. You can learn more about FA Client Portal from FA Client Portal Reference.

Installing FA Client Portal

You can set up FA Client Portal by installing it from Optional packages. See the other topics in this section for details. When you have installed it, you need to assign the correct user role to the users that are supposed to access FA Client Portal. If you do not have such a role available in User Management (User management view), ask FA to create one for you. In addition, the user needs to have a linked contact whose portfolios they are allowed to see. The client portal can be accessed at https://<instance>

Customizing FA Client Portal

You can do some simple customization to the FA Client Portal by uploading logos and filling the Contact us page. To do this, you can produce the files locally and then upload the files from FA Back.

To change the logos and icons, provide the following files:

  • favicon.ico – A favicon in browsers.

  • logo.svg – An icon on the navigation bar.

  • logo192.png (192px x 192px) – An icon in mobile devices.

  • logo_maskable.png – An icon in Android mobile devices.

To define the contact details shown on the Contact us tab in FA Client portal, create an HTML page contact.html. Put your HTML content inside the <div> tag and do not add the usual <html>, <head> and <body> tags as the page is embedded within the app.

To upload your customizations:

  1. Log in to FA Back.

  2. Select Tools → Administer → FA Client Portal → Upload customizations.

  3. Select Logos, favicon or contact info.

  4. Choose your file and upload it.

  5. Select Confirm upload.

Your new logos and Contact us page will be immediately available in FA Client Portal as soon as you refresh the page.