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External Reporting


FA supports selected reports requested by financial authorities and other stakeholders.


Collect the data and generate reports

  • Gather all required data from FA to form the report - gather all required data into reporting profiles, where the reports pick up the information.

  • Generate reports in the electronic format - all electronic reports follow the specified formats, and they are validated (if possible) when generated. If validation fails, errors are listed and can be corrected before sending the reports. Supported reports are updated when necessary to keep up with the yearly changes in specifications. See below for supported reports and formats.

Supported formats

Authority reports





AIFMD reporting means reporting as referred to in the AIFM Directive (2011/61/EU) and the European Commission Regulation (2013/231).

AIFMD reporting guidelines ( ).


OECD agreed information standard for the Automatic Exchange Of Information (AEOI) regarding accounts on a global level between tax authorities.

Current support only for FI and SE reporting.


Reporting standard for reporting offshore assets for US tax payers (The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

FATCA reporting summary: .


ESMA standard for transaction reporting.

Report file is verified with following authorities: FI, FIVA, CSSF and Cyprus. ESMA standard is strictly followed, but some of the identification rules differ between authorities. Automated solution currently available only for FI, FIVA and CSSF.

Notification of major holdings

A report that informs about changes in the proportions of shareholdings and voting rights in a company.


Finnish reporting standard for reporting investment funds for Bank of Finland, Financial Supervision Authority and Statistics Finland.

Reporting for UCITS funds (SIRA) and private equity funds (PEF). SIRA reporting guidelines:

Solvency II

EU reporting standard for insurance companies to report their assets on a regular basis to the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and European Central Bank (ECB).

The classifications and data needed for Solvency II reporting can be exported from FA to another system to produce Solvency II report.

Custody reports





AIFM report trustee report to DNB

XML file that includes information about initiated transactions, securities, NAV details.

Generates an XML file.

DNB Custody report

Custody report to report funds' assets, NAV calculations, cash and unit-holder transactions to DNB.

Generates an XML file.

Futur Pension Transactions and holdings report

Transactions and holdings to Futur Pension

XML files that contain information related to holdings and transactions. Information is provided on daily basis.

Generates one file for position information and one file for transactions.

Futur Pension IDD report

Ex-post costs to Futur Pension

XML file that contains information about ex-post costs for selected portfolios.


Depot Value and Transaction specification to SEB

Contains information provided to the insurance system with information about holdings, values and transactions of the depots owned by SEB Life. Information is provided on a daily basis.

Generates four files: holdings, transactions, cash, and dividends.

SEB Custody report

Custody report to report the breakdown of how each NAV was calculated to SEB

Generates an XML file.

SEB Depositary services

Subscription and Redemption report to SEB Depositary services

Contains information about fund subscriptions and redemptions. Information is provided on daily basis.

Generates one CSV file.

External services

External services



Bloomberg PORT

Porfolio holdings to Bloomberg PORT

Contains information about portfolio positions in CSV file.

NAV Center

Fund unit prices and dividends to the NAV Center database

SSB Fund Report

Norwegian reporting standard for reporting fund share class capital, subscriptions and redemptions, and paid return to Statistics Norway.

VFF Fund report

The report provides information about subscriptions, redemptions and reinvested dividend in funds to Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association (Verdipapirfondenes Forening).

The report is in the text format (.txt).