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FA Fund Management 1.8 - Release notes

Released: July 15, 2022

FA Fund Management 1.8 provides new functionality for creating and managing funds. The NAV calculation and acceptance is made more verbose: you can check the process status in case there are problems. In the fund reporting, new indicators depending on benchmark are now available.

Creating and managing funds

FA Fund Management 1.8 introduces the new Fund wizard to create and manage funds. You can now go through all the steps in setting up a new fund in the FA Fund Management app without a need to navigate through different settings and windows in FA Back. The new Fund wizard makes it easy for you to set up a new fund - Fund wizard contains only the fields that are relevant for funds and it guides you through the relevant selections, such as Basic info, NAV schedules, Fee structure, Fund reporting, Order execution, and so on.


The fund wizard guides you through all relevant selections related to creating or modifying a fund. Fields are named intuitively, and you can find more detailed explanations behind question marks.

You can modify fund portfolios in FA Fund Management, also the ones created in FA Back. After creating a new fund, it is easy to add share classes in the same application.

Learn more: Create a fund in FA Fund Management reference.

Fund reporting extended with figures based on benchmark

This version extends Fund reporting with analytical figures that depend on benchmark. New figures available on fund level are alpha, beta, tracking error and information ratio. This allows you to do more comprehensive fund reporting.

Learn more: Reporting data window in FA Fund Management reference.Reporting data window

Monitoring and canceling NAV processes

FA Fund Management 1.8 allows you to follow calculation and acceptance status to determine if they are progressing as they should. You can monitor these processes through the information button in the Fund details pane.


If your NAV calculation or NAV acceptance are taking too long and you think the processing might be stuck, you can now cancel the calculation or acceptance process in the Fund details pane. The system will automatically rollback your fund to the previous stage.

  • Cancelling NAV calculation deletes the calculated data and sets your fund back to status "Pending NAV".

  • Cancelling NAV acceptance rollbacks your fund back to status "Calculated".

Learn more: Fund details pane in FA Fund Management reference.Fund details pane

Calculation, acceptance, and rollback errors shown in NAV status

NAV status view now shows if there were any errors during NAV calculation, acceptance and rollback. If there were errors, you can see the red info icon in the list of funds. Hover your mouse over the icon to see more details about the error.


Learn more: ??? in FA Fund Management reference.


Share class wizard

  • Some values weren’t saved if the user moved to a different tab before saving. Now values are saved.

  • Saving the price for a new share class works now.

Shareholder registry

  • Shareholder registry now shows purchase lots correctly in different scenarios, also when you are using Private Equity transaction types in your shareholders portfolios.

Updates to FA Fund Management 1.8

FA Fund Management 1.8.1 Release notes

FA Fund Management 1.8.1 is an update to FA Fund Management 1.8. This update includes the following fix:

  • Default transaction type for withdrawals in the order execution tab now shows correct value.