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Standard solution 1.30 - Release notes

Released: May 31st, 2022

Standard solution 1.30 provides you with an easier way to handle short sell transactions in MiFIR transaction reporting, a way to automatically generate autogiro mandate reference numbers and an option to create MiFIR transaction report as a ZIP file when sending it manually to authorities.

MiFIR short selling indicator tags

When you report short sells in the MiFIR transaction report, you are expected to specify the short sell type in the shrtSellgInd parameter under Internal info of the transaction. Version 1.30 of Standard Solution now provides you with an easy way to specify the short sell type. Learn more: Add short-selling indicator to short sells

Automatically generating autogiro mandate reference number

To use direct debit payments, the accounts that are enrolled must have a unique mandate reference. This is a field on the portfolio's account that you can fill in manually from the Portfolio window, import or have automatically generated when you define an account to be used with direct debit.

Version 1.30 of Standard Solution provides a way to automate the reference number generation, by utilizing a decision table. Learn more: Automatically generate mandate reference for accounts used with direct debit

Option for creating ZIP file in MiFIR reporting

Some authorities such as FIVA in Finland requires that the MiFIR transaction report is sent as a ZIP file. Version 1.30 of Standard Solution now supports to create the report as a ZIP file when sending it manually. Having it as a ZIP file was before only possible when file was sent automatically. Learn more: Configure MiFIR transaction reporting