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Access for clients


FA’s Client Portal allows you to provide your clients with online access to their investments. You can use it as an interactive alternative to traditional customer reporting or provide your customers with a tool for online trading. FA's Client Portal allows your clients to view their investments whenever they want with secure authentication, and provides you with a competitive edge through enhanced customer experience.


Provide online access for your clients to see their own investments

  • Allow your clients to access their investments online - you can allow your clients to access their investments online, and see their portfolios’ information. Each client can access their own portfolios, and you can allow your clients to access investments of other parties they represent. For example, you can allow a client to see his company's or children's investments.

  • Provide view-only access to client accounts for advisors or support service - you can allow certain users open FA Client Portal to view client data the way the clients see it. This access can be used for advising or troubleshooting purposes.

  • Provide access with desktop and mobile devices - FA Client Portal runs in the web browser both on desktop and mobile devices, allowing your clients to access their investments both with desktop and mobile browser.

  • Authenticate your users with strong authentication methods - you can extend your FA Client Portal with Signicat Digital Identity and Signingmodule to require your users to authenticate themselves every time they log in.

Show your clients' investment data

  • View an overview of investments - show your customer’s assets, profit and available cash with one glance, either aggregated from all portfolios or for an individual portfolio.

  • View holdings, transactions and trade orders - show your customer’s all investments, all transactions, or all trade orders. Holdings, transactions and trade orders can be downloaded as an XLSX file.

  • View documents - show the documents stored under your customer and documents related to securities. You can select which documents you want to show to your customers online and create document subsections to show in the Documents view.

  • View contact details - show a “contact us” page with your company’s details.

Allow your clients to trade online

  • Create deposits and withdrawals - allow your clients to enter deposits into their portfolios and request withdrawals from their portfolios.

  • Create buys and sells - allow your clients to create a buy or a sell trade order against a security they have selected. Your clients can initiate buys or sells against their current positions, or search for securities from a security list you provide them with. You can allow your clients to record orders with units or percentage of current position. Trade Order Management module allows you to take forward the trade orders your clients create.

  • Define monthly investments - allow your clients to set up monthly investments to shedule buy and sell trade orders into their portfolios.

  • Cancel orders - allow your clients to cancel open trade orders in their portfolios.

  • Define which securities a client can trade – Restrict the client’s access to trading with certain security groups.

Provide self-onboarding for your clients

  • Set up custom self-onboarding for your clients- you can set up a custom self-onboarding for your clients using the Developer tools module, allowing your clients to onboard themselves. Self-onboarding can consist of different steps - for example, your client first authenticates through the Signicat Digital Identity and Signingmodule, fills in their basic information and answers your profiling and know-your-client (KYC) questions, after which the system saves the relevant data for your client to gain access to your FA Client Portal.

Customize the content and look and feel of your FA Client Portal

  • Configure FA Client Portal to match your company’s details - FA Client Portal allows you to do simple configurations by uploading your own logos, filling in the Contact us page, and translating the visible texts to languages you want to allow your clients to use. By default, FA Client Portal is available in English.

  • Control which features are available for which portfolios - FA Client Portal allows you to control which portfolios are allowed to receive deposits and withdrawals, buys and sells, and order cancellations from FA Client Portal. In addition, you can control which securities are available for trading, and which documents are visible.

  • Launch custom workflows - FA Client Portal allows you to extend the functionality with custom workflows using the Developer tools module. If you have custom workflows in place, you users can launch them through the menu.

  • Build your own portal with FA Client Portal as a base - FA Client Portal is an open-source application, allowing you to extend it to suit your needs. You can take the standard FA Client Portal as a base and develop on top of it on your own through adjusting, customizing and extending it to your needs.