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Transaction confirmation report (PDF)


This is a template you can use to build customized transaction confirmation report in PDF format. Import the template in the jsreport UI. Once the template is imported, you can generate the report from FA Back:

  1. Choose one or more transactions in the Transactions view.

  2. Click the printer icon print.pngat the top-right corner.

  3. Choose the report template in the list and fill in optional parameters (for more information, see Report windowin the FA Back reference).

  4. Click Generate report.



The report requires shared folders to function correctly, see Sample reports.


This template includes the following:

  • a GraphQL query that fetches more information ab given transactions

  • a sorting function that sorts the list of transactions based on transaction date before the PDF is rendered

  • conditional fields that are not shown if their value is missing

  • transaction types (names and codes) that are translated based on the selected language and the following logic:

    If a translation is available in FA Back, it will be used. Otherwise, the report will look for a translation in the language file (localization folder). If no translation is found there either, it will use the name or code directly without any translation.


In the file below, you will find the transaction confirmation report template:


Shared folders containing header, footer, images and translation are found in the following file: