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Import dividends and splits from Bloomberg

If you have the connectivity to Bloomberg for security reference data, you can use it to import dividends and splits for equity securities. The dividends and splits can be imported either manually or automatically via scheduling.

To import dividends and/or splits manually:

  1. Go to the Securities view and choose the securities you want to import the corporate actions for. If you created the securities through the Bloomberg connectivity, you can search for them with the Reference data-Bloomberg equity tag.

  2. Click Import corporate actions→ Bloomberg dividends or Import corporate actions→ Bloomberg splits at the bottom of the view to import the dividends and splits respectively.


Note that an error message is shown if you try to import data for securities that don't have dividend/split information in Bloomberg. You can ignore this error message. The corporate actions will still be imported for those securities that do have data in Bloomberg.

You can also schedule the dividends and splits importing. To learn more about scheduling functionality available in FA, see Scheduling in FA Admin guide.

Run the imported corporate actions automatically

You can configure the imported corporate actions to be run automatically. The system will create transactions in the portfolios on the ex-dividend/split date. To do this, specify the run settings in Tools → Administer → Data aggregation. In the Corporate actions tab, select the portfolio group for which you want to run the corporate actions (see FA Back Reference for more details on portfolio groups). Additionally, you can specify the time of day when you would want the corporate actions to be run. If you don't specify the time, 00:00 will be used.


After the portfolio group is specified, a corporate action run is created for all the imported dividends and splits when the corporate actions are imported. The runs will be scheduled for the ex-dividend date (for dividends) or split date (for splits). You can remove the automatic creation of the runs by removing the value from the Portfolio group field.