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Add an indicator to short sells

When you report short sells in the MiFIR transaction report, you are expected to specify the short sell type in the shrtSellgInd parameter under Internal info of the transaction. To save the time, you can do this with a tag and a decision table:

  1. Download the fa_transaction_mifirShortSellingIndicator.xlsx decision table.

  2. Upload the decision table to FA using the Create, deploy and verify a decision table instruction in FA Developer guide.

  3. Define the short-selling indicator for the transactions. Choose one of the options in the Transaction window, Tag: Short selling in. filed: Short sale with no exemption (SESH), Short sale with exemption (SSEX), No short sell (SELL) or Information not available (UNDI), depending on how the transaction should be categorized according to the ESMA guidelines.