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Set up Morningstar OnDemand reference data connector



You can use Morningstar OnDemand connector only for getting security reference data . For security pricing, use the regular Morningstar connector instead.

To use security reference data from Morningstar OnDemand platform, you need to specify the client ID and content types to fetch the market data connector preferences.

Setting up

Enable the Morningstar market data in ToolsAdministerMarket Data Connectors. Open the Reference data providers tab, click Add provider and choose Morningstar OnDemand from the drop-down list.

Fill in the fields:

Production or test

Environment to use: production ( or test (


Currency selection is used with certain figures, where the selected currency determines the currency in which the given figure is reported. Selecting BAS will use security's base currency for reporting.


The email address used to log in.


The password used to log in.

Client ID

In most of the cases, this field should be left empty. This field should only be filled on special cases where the authentication works without email and password. To get client ID, log in to the OnDemand portal (either or and check the URL. For example, if the URL after login is, the Client ID would be clientname.

Content to fetch

For the description of content types, refer to Morningstar's documentation at the OnDemand portal (Documentation section in the portal visible after you log in). If unsure, select the following content types: Operation, Portfolio, Performance, Fund Management, Performance ID, Historical Operation, SP Code and Value, Data Status and Groups.

To save the settings, click Done.