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Create client reports



According to Norwegian regulations, investors need to be informed of the data that has been reported to the tax authorities on their behalf. Therefore, after authority reporting is done (in XML format), clients must be provided with the same information. Unlike the authority reporting, the client reporting is done with PDF reports.

Generating report

Each report is run for the entire reporting year at once. Generating the report gathers the data on-the-fly the same way that the authority report does. This means that data changes done after authority reporting and before client reporting may lead to discrepancies in these reports.

  1. Click Tools → New report and choose one of the client reports:

    • Standard Norwegian ASK report.

    • Standard Norwegian Balance interest report – the Saldorente client report.

    • Standard Norwegian IPS report.

    • Standard Norwegian tax fee report.

    • Standard Norwegian tax fund report – the Verdipapirfond client report.

    • Standard Norwegian tax report for foreign stocks and bonds – the Finansprodukter client report.

  2. Specify the following information:

    • Customer, group or portfolio.

    • Report date, use the last day of the report year.

    • Language.

    • Output type.


  3. Click Generate report.

The generated report is either downloaded or opened directly depending on your browser settings.