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Accounting settings

If you want the system to create accounting exports for your transactions, specify:

  • Your own bookkeeping accounts in the system.

  • The rules by which this allocation is made.

For instructions, see Steps to set up bookkeeping in FA Back reference.

Questions about setting up accounting

I changed my bookkeeping rules, but the postings aren't correct in all the transactions. How can I fix it?

If you change your bookkeeping rules, you need to generate postings for these transactions. You can mass-generate postings in transaction view: choose the portfolio (and transactions) and click Generate postings.

I modified deposit transaction to currency account, but the new purchase price isn't correct in withdrawal postings. How can I fix it?

If you modify deposit / withdrawal transactions in history and have already done for example withdrawal transaction linked to modified deposit, the withdrawal postings are not modified. You need to generate new postings to the withdrawal. T do this, save the transactions or filter these transactions in transaction view and click Generate postings.

I can't get the purchase price bookkeeping posting correctly from buy transaction. In some cases the value is correct, sometimes not.

If you would like to get the buy transaction total price to be posting from buy transactions, you should not use the “Purchase price“ selection in bookkeeping rule, instead use the total price. It is the total price for the transaction.

Note! Check the - checkbox for the accrued interest, if you do not want it to be included to this amount.