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Standard solution 1.36 - Release notes

Released: September 27th, 2022

Standard solution 1.36 provides you with functionality for automated reminders, optional email notification and optional authentication when sending out a document for signing. In addition, support for importing Ex-ante and Ex-post costs from Morningstar and importing issuer data from Bloomberg and Stamdata has been added.

Automated reminders, optional notifications and authentication in document signing

Version 1.36 provides support to define whether a notification via email and/or SMS should be sent out to the person signing the document or not. In addition, it is now also possible to setup email and SMS reminders about documents that have not been signed, and if authentication (e.g. with BankID) is required or not for the signer to be able to view the document.

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Support for importing Ex-ante and Ex-post costs from Morningstar

With version 1.36 there is now support for importing ex-ante and ex-post cost from Morningstar OnDemand platform. The data is fetched based on securities' ISIN codes, and is populated to the Ex-ante / Ex-post costs tab on the security.

Learn more: Morningstar OnDemand MiFID cost updates

Additional issuer data from Bloomberg in Solvency II fields

The standard mapping used to fetch issuer data from Bloomberg has been extended to now also fetch, Issuer sector (NACE code), Issuer group (ultimate parent) and Issuer group code (ultimate parent LEI code). The data is saved to the Solvency II tab on the issuer Contact.

Learn more: Classify data according to Solvency II directive

Issuer data from Stamdata

Version 1.36 introduces a new standard mapping to fetch issuer data from Stamdata. The issuer information can be updated from Stamdata for securities of type Debt instruments (BOND).

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Market Data Connector

  • Fixed an issue with wrong day count convention being set in some situations when creating a bond security using Bloomberg integration.