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Automation and workflows

Business rules and custom processes allows you to tailor FA to your business needs and to improve efficiency. They streamline working with FA through automating recurring tasks, ranging from simple transaction status changes all the way to complex workflows involving fetching data from external sources and report generation. 

A business rule automatically triggers one or more consequences whenever an object is modified in FA and meets conditions defined in the rule. For example, you could set a rule to change a trade order's status when it receives tags indicating a successful validation. FA Back incorporates Drools business rule engine, which allows you to deploy your custom rules by uploading Excel-based decision tables. To learn how to create your own decision tables, see Business rules section.

With custom processes, you can improve workflows by eliminating unnecessary manual steps. For example, an onboarding process can automatically prompt the client for information, validate it, and, upon successful validation, create a new contact in FA. To learn about creating custom processes, see Processes section.