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FA Admin Console 1.5 - Release notes

FA Admin Console 1.5 [latest updated version 1.5.0] has been released.

FA Admin Console 1.5

Contains: Small improvements in User Management

Released: April 21st, 2021


  • Editing a user now allows you to always link a contact to your user through the Linked contact field even if your user has been programmatically linked to a contact through ”Linked contact external ID”. When a user logs in through an identity provider, the user is now automatically linked to a contact in the system through the Linked contact field if the identifier received through the identity provider can be uniquely matched to a contact in the system through contact's Contact ID, External ID or ID. If this automatic linking is not successful, for example because the match is not unique or a contact cannot be found at all, your user is created with the programmatic Ext ID based linking, which you can now manually correct through the visible Linked contact field.