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Extensions week 11 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 11 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.

Data management

Features and improvements

  • New option "Synchronize all market prices to same close fields" in Synchronization process. When this is used, all the prices are synchronized without requiring multiple configurations to synchronize different prices from one FA instance to another FA instance.

Fee management


  • Rebate calculation in Rebate contracts process now works when no security key figure is used to adjust the basis for the rebate calculation.

  • FUND-AAINT, FUND-AAINT-ACTACT, FUND-AMFEE, FUND-AMFEE2, FUND-AMFEE2-ACTACT & FUND-AMFEE-DAILY formulas now shows the correct equation in the Description on statement field.

Fund management

Features and improvements

  • New standard decision table for changing settlement date of the linked fund cash transaction if the client’s subscription/redemption transaction’s date is changed.

External reporting

Norwegian tax reporting


  • Saldorente report no longer produces an error when run against transactions that are not linked to an account.

  • ASK report now takes Account action date field into account when reporting moved (kontoOverfoertNyTilbyder) holdings.

  • When reporting "uttak" in ASK report, all withdrawals are now included.

  • International reporting with FATCA no longer missing the GIIN identification section in the Norwegian tax reports.

SIRA reporting


  • SIRA reporting no longer incorrectly picks up all redemptions during the report period.


Features and improvements

  • In addition to saving the Direct debit mandate reject code to a task, the reject code is now also saved as an account tag when direct debit files are read in using General i ncoming payments. This allows for example to get the reject code via API.


  • Trade amount comparison in General incoming payments process now uses rounded numbers to handle cases where number of decimals on the transactions does not match number of decimals in the payments file.

Portfolio management

Features and improvements

  • Update security price from linked portfolio process now has the option to define the calculation date from the user interface.


Features and improvements

  • Position reconciliation process now allows you to define whether additional positions in the portfolio (in addition to what is included in the reconciliation material) are considered as errors or not. This is useful when you want to reconcile certain positions in a portfolio that contains positions from other custodies as well.



  • P/L Performance report no longer has textual errors compared to values shown.



  • Settlement service now changes statuses correctly with MT598 messages.

Trade order management

Features and improvements

  • Never-have rules are now incorporated in the Validate orders process so that the Never-have rules can be run along with other pre-trade checks.