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Security types

FA Standard Solution has a set of security types linked to the transaction types. They are documented in the Security types section, and we recommend using them. In some cases, however, you might need to define a less common type, for example, valuable musical instruments, or an equivalent non-standard investment property.

Add a security type

When you add your own type, start the implementation using a similar existing type as an example. Make sure that all the effects match your case. If you need a totally different kind of security type, contact FA Solutions support – FA needs to support the type, otherwise there could be problems, for example, in profit calculations.

To add a security type, go to Preferences → Securities → Security types and click Add security type. You can find the field descriptions from FA Back reference, Preference - Securities.

Questions about security types

Can I change the configurations for Equity? I would like the system not to calculate it to the total.

This is not allowed. Standard security types must not be changed. If you change a standard security type, the settings will be overwritten with the standard set up upgrades.

Such requests need to be discussed with FA consultants - it is likely that the problem can be solved with a portfolio structure, for example, once the problem behind the request is understood.

I want to define more classifications for my securities. I need to add geological allocation to my funds. Can I create new security types?

You can add extra classifications for your securities, but security types aren't a good way for this. There are multiple ways to define geological information to securities:

  • For countries, we have pre-set list in the security information.

  • You can use a standard allocation called M49 to define the allocation for different countries: Asset classes and asset types.

  • You can define your own classifications in the Class fields.

I want to modify the security type name from “Collective investment vehicles” to “Funds“. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. Note that this text should be modified in translations, not in the security type directly. Open Preferences - Securities, click Translate and enter the security type name in the corresponding language field.

I want to delete a security type: I would like to delete the Private equity type. We are not using it right now.

This is not recommended. Standard security types must not be deleted. If you delete a standard security type, it will appear again with the standard setup upgrades.

The unused type does not appear in reports, etc. because you do not have any securities / positions of this type. It is good to keep this opportunity open. If your product offering grows, you can take this type of direct use as well.

My customer would like to have a new security type “Art” with subtypes “Paintings“ and “Sculptures“. Can I add this kind of security type?

Yes, you can. Add a security type and link transactions types for it. See the effects in Equity instrument. At least these transaction types are needed: B = Buy, S = Sell, ADD = Add.

If you want to add a market price for these, you can do it in the Market prices tab, like in other investment securities.