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Set up NAV Center fund price and dividend report

You can use the NAV Center fund price and dividend report to send your fund prices and dividends to NAV Center database in Sweden. To do this, install the optional report package and (optionally) define a Camel route for transferring the file to NAV Center via SFTP.

  1. Install the NAV Center optional report package following the instructions in Manage optional packages.

  2. (Optional) Deploy a Camel route to transfer the file to NAV Center via SFTP automatically. You can use the route below as a starting point. Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with the actual values provided by NAV Center.

    <routes xmlns="">
        <!-- Package for NAV Center routes -->
        <!-- Route for sending NAV Center report -->
        <route id="sendNAVCenterFile"">
            <!-- We are recursively polling all directories called NAVCenter* under reports-outbound because scheduled report generation adds a timestamp -->
            <from uri="file:{{back.writable.dir}}/reports-outbound?recursive=true&amp;autoCreate=true&amp;charset=utf-8&amp;readLock=changed&amp;readLockCheckInterval=5000&amp;moveFailed=.failed&amp;move=.camel&amp;antInclude=NAV-Center*/NAV-Center_export*.csv"/>
            <!-- Using ${file:onlyname} for filename in order to flatten directory structure -->
            <to uri="s${file:onlyname}&amp;username=USERNAME&amp;password=PASSWORD&amp;passiveMode=true&amp;binary=true"/>
            <log message="NAV-Center export file ${file:name} moved to NAV-Center" loggingLevel="INFO"/>