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Standard Solution February 2024 - Release notes

Released: March 1st, 2024

The Standard Solution February 2024 release introduces a new integration to the Swedish and Finnish population registers through Roaring API and several smaller improvements in existing features as well as fixes.

Integration to the Swedish and Finnish population registers via Roaring


We implemented this feature to provide an automated method of updating contact data in the FA Platform using the latest information in Swedish and Finnish population registers.

Who is this for? 

This update is for users who want to automatically update contact data in FA.


The Roaring Population Register API facilitates the population register integration. You can also use the integration to schedule automatic contact updates that occur in the background, for example, every day, week, or month. For more information on scheduling, see Scheduling in FA Admin guide. To use the intergation, you need a contract with Roaring. They will provide the Client ID and Client Secret token which you need to establish a connection.

In the Contacts view of FA Back, you can now select one or more contacts and click Update contact data from Finnish population register or Update contact data from Swedish population register. The system sends a request to the population register and updates the contact information in FA. The population register is searched using a contact's Social Security number, so you need to ensure it is entered in the Contact ID field in Contact window, Basic info tab.

The following data is retrieved and updated in FA:


Field in FA


Address info tab, Address 1


Address info tab, Postal code


Address info tab, City


Basic info tab, Contact name


Basic info tab, Contact name


Basic info tab, Tag: Deregistration reason code (for example, Deregistration-AV). Deregistration is for, for example, deceased or emigrated contacts. For details about the codes, see the list of deregistration reason codes on the Roaring site.

If the deregistration is due to death, the date of death is also stored as a key figure in Key figures tab.


Key figure Guardian in Key figures tab which stores the guardian's Social Security number.

Other improvements

External reporting 

Trade order management 

  • For improved user experience, preconfigured Trade orders views in FA Standard Solution now show the order status as a column.

Compliance regulatory 

  • You can now see the model portfolio name as a column in the output file for Portfolio value/asset value monitoring. If no model portfolio is linked to the portfolio, the column is blank.

Portfolio management 

  • In Transactions view, you can now mass-modify transaction status similarly to trade order status. For more information, see Mass-modify transactions in FA User guide.

  • A new standard role was added for hiding views. For more information, see Hide standard views in FA User guide.


  • You can now extract specific costs and taxes from transactions into separate transactions. This is useful when you want to, for example, create payment instructions based on the extracted costs to transfer brokerage fees or other transaction-related costs, create payment instructions based on the extracted taxes to transfer stamp duties or other transaction-related taxes, or when you want to keep track of transaction-related costs in a separate fee portfolio. For more information, see Extract costs and taxes as separate transactions in FA User guide.

  • A new documentation topic about monitoring payment status using the preconfigured views and dashboard was added. For more information, see Monitor payment status in FA User guide.


  • To better guide users in installing multiple FA Client Portals, the FA Client Portal installation instructions in FA Admin guide were updated: Install FA Client Portal.

  • For payments, documentation was added for Dashboard view and other payments-related views. For more information, see Monitor payment status in FA User guide.


Tax reporting 

  • In Norwegian tax reporting, the international reporting option now shows fund dividends correctly if you use the parent reporting portfolio. International reporting now includes a new Internasjonal identifikator section.

  • Fixed issues in Norwegian tax reporting that caused tax shield (skjerming) to be calculated incorrectly, transfers and gifts to not allow a company as the giving participant, and RISK to be handled incorrectly in some mergers or exchanges.

  • The Norwegian tax report Verdipapirfond now rounds to as many decimals as the security or security type is configured for.

  • The PDF file for the standard Norwegian tax fund report was updated to incorporate information about wealth tax discounts according to the government's percentage adjustments for 2023. The new text doesnt specify a percentage.

External reporting 

  • MiFiR reports now have functional validation for missing data when you run the report. The report also no longer fails to complete if you have enabled file zipping for the report.

Trade order management 

  • Manual bulk order execution no longer generates an error.

  • Implemented a solution that prevents bulk orders from getting the same reference if you run multiple bulking processes simultaneously.

Portfolio management 

  • If you work with futures mark-to-market transactions and your opening transaction has costs, the costs are no longer counted twice.

Market data connector 

  • Creating a security from an external source and fetching the latest prices no longer causes an error.

Data aggregation 

  • M2 Wealth integration no longer produces incorrect values in transactions which was caused by an issue in importing withdrawals (WD).

Fee management 

  • The configurable performance fee formula no longer incorrectly calculates portfolio value change if there is a deposit after the start date.

  • The account interest formula no longer fails to complete if there are account items with no account.


  • You can now see a warning if you try to open FA Client Portal in the impersonation mode and the FA Client Portal URL isn't defined.


  • Running positions reconciliation in the Portfolios view now works.


  • Outgoing payments now work with custom scripts.

  • Fixed an issue in Portfolios view columns that caused monthly savings profile data to disappear.