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Standard Solution September 2023 - Release notes

Released: October 2nd, 2023

Standard Solution September 2023 introduces a number of smaller improvements in existing features as well as fixes.

Other improvements

Fund management

  • You can now use Cash transactions process to create a cash transaction that deducts cash from the fund portfolio as the last part of paying out a fund dividend. Choose the dividend transactions in the Transaction view and click Create cash transactions. The process will create a Withdrawal - Fund (FMWD) transaction with a matching amount in the fund portfolio to withdraw the cash.

  • New standard portfolio type, FX hedge portfolio (FXH) to be used for FX-hedged share classes in FA Fund Management.

  • If you have funds with income distribution that you manage in FA, one part of the daily NAV calculation is to run deferrals. The Deferrals process has now been added to Standard Solution so that it runs together with FA Fund Management.

  • SIRA reporting is now based on underlying NAV data instead of the portfolio reports and other up-to-date data. This was done because the portfolio report data can be different from the data that was actually used in NAV calculation, and the report should be based on the data used in the NAV calculation.

Portfolio Management

  • To make it easier to understand and set up Limitied Visibility, we have added the LIMITED.VISIBILITY permission to ELV role. Previously you needed to select both Extended Limited Visibility and Limited Visibility roles if you wanted to use Extended Limited Visibility.


  • Position reconciliation now contains logic for security filter tags. This means that by utilizing the new Security tag Reconciliation:Ignore extra positions, it is now possible to override checking extra positions. Securities with the provided tag are excluded. The tag is useful, for example, if you have equity positions from one custodian and fund positions from another custodian in the same portfolio and want to reconcile only the equity part.

  • Position reconciliation files with UTF-8 BOM encoding can be now read in and processed without ending up in error. Position reconciliation files are normally received from a third party. Sometimes the file encoding is UTF-8 BOM, which adds a hidden character to the file. Previously, this caused the reconciliation to end up in errors.


Market Data Connector

  • Stub convention on bonds is now properly set when importing bond security reference data from Bloomberg.


  • Danske CSV settlement file is now semicolon-separated. Previously Danske Bank rejected the file.


  • Fixed a dependency issue in AvtaleGiro Registrations process which could cause an unnecessary classloader reload when FA Back restarts.

External Reporting

  • ID type in SIRA report is now properly fetched from the ID type field on the issuer contact in SIRA/PEF profile instead of always using “Y”.

  • If both account interest and interest and dividend transactions are reported in SIRA/PEF, values are now aggregated to code 71. Previously it was reported as two separate rows, causing the report to be rejected.

  • SIRA report now only includes FX contracts whose Contract date is before the end date of the reporting period and Payment date is after the reporting period.

Compliance Investment Restrictions

  • Drift monitoring process now populates the Current Market Value column when monitoring is run against Strategy. Furthermore, the tags “Drift-Investment plan” and “Drift-Model portfolio” now work as expected.

Compliance Regulatory

  • Fixed a layout issue on the Ex-post cost report where the line chart did not look as it started at 0%.

  • Four Eyes Approval rules can now delete account values and tags.


  • Removed unnecessary logs that were printed when updating environments. Unnecessary logs could cause confusion about whether there's some issue or not.