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Set up monthly savings

Monthly savings can be used to generate deposit transactions with a Not finished status. You can then update them manually to Accepted status once the client has done a manual payment or collect them using direct debit. To learn more, see Monthly savings in FA User guide.


To use this functionality, you need the PAY_MS role.

Configure monthly savings

Go to ToolsAdministerBank and custody connections → Manage and open the Monthly savings tab.


Make the following selections:

  • How many days in advance should the deposit transaction be generated? Choose how early you wish to generate monthly savings transactions. For example if you select 3 here, a deposit for the 15th day of the month is generated on the 12th day of the month, to give the client time to make the transfer or the bank the time to process a direct debit.

  • Show a date selection user interface when running monthly savings (instead of using the current date every time). Enable this to generate monthly savings for days in the past or the future. If this option is not selected, generating monthly savings can be done with one click, and the current date is used. This way it can also be scheduled, see Scheduling.

  • Check if Nets Avtalegiro registration is done for the portfolio. This option can be used in Norway when using Nets Avtalegiro for direct debiting the monthly savings. This ensures that the checkbox confirming that the registration is done is ticked on the client portfolio and monthly savings are generated only once the registration is complete.