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FA Admin Console 1.15 - Release notes

Released: September 2023

FA Admin Console 1.15 extends audit logging in user management. We also made fixes to existing features.

User management improvements

We extended audit logging in user management. You can search the logs with audit search and see who performed the actions and for which user. In the logs, you can see who:

  • Added or edited a user.

  • Enabled or disabled two-factor authentication.

  • Unblocked a user (Brute force detection).

  • Logged out from sessions.

Learn more: Audit search view in FA Admin Console reference.


User management

  • You can change the page by typing a new page number or with the small arrow buttons.

  • Sorting the linked contacts now works. 

  • The updated user notification is fixed.

  • We made a technical fix to field identification.

  • The selected date and time are now shown in the date field.

File management

  • The notification of conflicting files is now shown only when there is a conflicting name. Before, the notification was sometimes shown unnecessarily.

  • Renaming a file with an existing file name now causes a logical error message.