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Process monitoring view

The Process monitoring view provides visibility into processes that take place in FA applications. You can see which processes were run, how long they took, and if were completed successfully. If a process is ongoing, you can see details about its progress and evaluate how long it may take. The view also provides input for monitoring the performance of processes over time.

The system monitors processes such as user-triggered and scheduled processes, authority and client reporting, and custom processes. For example, for nightly price updates and report calculation, the monitoring tracks the process through the following stages:

  1. Start

  2. Fetch active portfolios

  3. Handle market data connector 1 (if enabled)

    • Find applicable securities

    • Fetch and save close prices

    • Update cashflow securities

  4. Handle market data connector 2 (if enabled)

  5. Handle market data connector 3 (if enabled)

  6. Update discount factors (if no connectors 1-3 defined)

  7. Schedule report updates

  8. End

Tracked processes

The initial release of this feature covers the following processes, but the coverage will be expanded in future releases:

  • NAV calculation

  • NAV acceptance

  • NAV rollback

  • Run deferrals

  • NAV rejection

  • NAV acceptance interruption and NAV rollback

  • Corporate actions

  • Nightly price update and report calculation

View the process timeline

In the Process monitoring view, you can see the timeline of process runs during a given period by choosing the start and end dates. To view information about a specific process, select the application it relates to. You can filter the list down by selecting a single process type, instance, or status. You can also adjust the time scale of the process timeline by using the slider on the right.

The color of the blocks indicates the completion status of a run, with blue meaning ongoing, green meaning completed, and red meaning failed. Click on the process to view its information: start and end times of a run, its completion status, duration, and the user who executed it. You can expand the process run to see the stages.


View process details

To view the details of a process run or stage, click processes-view-actions-button.png in the Actions column. The details shown depend on the process. For example, for the NAV acceptance process, you can see the date on which the NAV was accepted. If the run failed, you can view the error message. If the process was canceled, the details show the user who canceled it.


Process information

The following information is available in the Process monitoring view:

Start time

The start date and time of the run.

End time

The end date and time of the run.


The completion status of the run. The status is completed for a successful run, failed for an unsuccessful run, and ongoing for a run that has not finished.


The duration of the run in minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.


The username of the user who executed the run.


The Actions column shows the processes-view-actions-button.png button to open process run or stage details.