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Set up Bloomberg market data connector


Bloomberg market data connection is based on a private key for authentication and a mapping from Bloomberg fields to fields in FA. The mapping is preset by FA. The certificate can be obtained from Bloomberg upon signing the contract for Data License Web Services. FA needs to sign an addendum of this contract (a third-party-processor agreement).

Setting up

In order to use the Bloomberg integration for market or security reference data, you need to follow two simple steps.

Upload private key

Install the key file received from Bloomberg by following the instructions in Import certificates and keys for integrations.

Enable integration

Enable the Bloomberg integration from ToolsAdministerMarket data connectors.

Choose which close field to use and open the respective tab. If there's already a connector defined for that close field, use the trash bin icon to remove the existing connector. Click Add provider and choose Bloomberg from the drop-down list.


Select the Price type to use. The default is PX_LAST. If you're not sure what to choose here, leave the default.

You can also specify the Price source. If specified (e.g. BGN or BVAL), market data is requested from Bloomberg with that specific price source. If the field is left empty, no price source is explicitly defined in the market data request.

You can optionally also define a Bloomberg Terminal account to link by entering the User number, S/N (serial number) and/or WS (workstation number) of the terminal. You can find the values by entering IAM<GO> in the Bloomberg Terminal. The number after User is the user number. The first part of the number following S/N: (before the hyphen) is the serial number and the second part of S/N (after the hyphen) is the workstation number. If using Bloomberg Anywhere, you should enter only the user number, otherwise all three numbers.


If you want to use Bloomberg for security reference data, you need to configure the connector separately in the Reference data providers tab, regardless if you have configured it in any of the close fields. To learn more, see Security data connectors.

When using Bloomberg for security reference data or you wish to automatically fetch update codes, it is recommended to use price field 1. This ensures that the connector and the update code are linked to the same field when creating new instruments.

When done with the selections, click Done.