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Q2 2022 release


Q2 release introduces new features and improvements throughout all existing applications. This quarter's release includes a new major version on all business and administrative applications, as well as new versions of many of the microservices under the hood. In addition, we’ve released updates on Standard Solution and extensions throughout the quarter.

Highlights from this quarter’s releases include:

  • New features in FA Fund Management, including a wizard to create and manage funds and better tools to troubleshoot potential errors in NAV calculation and acceptance.

  • Further development of FA Client Portal, introducing functionality for trading, deposits, withdrawals and launching custom processes.

  • New developer tools in FA Developer to conveniently build and administer customized integrations between the FA Platform and other systems.

  • Improvements in FA Back related to importing and exporting posting rules, and better tools to share content on the user interface with user roles defined in User management.

  • Analytics microservice improves the scalability and stability of the FA Platform by allowing us to dedicate and dynamically scale resources for analytics requests. This scalability improvement covers the analytics view in FA Back, our analytics APIs, custom and standard pdf reports, and certain extensions that utilize analytics+.

  • In addition, we performed technical upgrades of various open-source components that are part of the FA Platform. These upgrades help us to keep the FA Platform secure, performant and bug-free now and in the future.

Read more about all the new features and improvements in the release notes below.

Webinar recording from Thursday, August 25th 2022 - 14:00 (EEST)

This webinar provides you with an introduction to versions included in the Q2/2022 release.