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Extensions Q3 / 2021 - Release notes

These features, improvements and bug fixes have been developed as extensions during Q3 / 2021 - they have been released in FA AppStore throughout the quarter, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.


Features and improvements

  • Deferral of accrued interest process within the Deferrals package now considers fund position's accrual similarly as it handles bond positions accrued interest.

  • Bookkeeping rules now consider the possibility to link multiple posting sets to a portfolio, creating postings based on all the linked posting rules.

  • Two old bookkeeping reports, Bookkeeper and Bookkeeper (export) have been removed from FA AppStore. These reports had their own, built-in logic to calculate postings instead of using the postings stored in the system. Best practice is to use the newer bookkeeping reports that rely on posting data to ensure the report shows same results as FA Back.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an incorrect artifact dependency in Strategy Analyzer, which caused an unnecessary uninstall and install during a restart.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Send messages process within the Messaging package to make the user interface work properly in FA Back 3.11 with the new way of configuring tags.


Features and improvements

  • Portfolio/Asset Value Monitoring process now supports HTML content in e-mail templates, allowing you to define your email content with HTML in addition to plain text.

  • Drift tracker and Drift monitor processes now show "Drift in market value", which is calculated as the position's drift % multiplied by the portfolio's market value.

  • Drift tracker process has been improved in terms of usability: the window now has proper margins and title, and all the fields and buttons are now properly visible at the top of the screen.

Corporate Actions

Bug fixes

  • Import corporate actions process now correctly considers security's multiplier 2 when saving the imported unit price.

Data Aggregation

Features and improvements

  • General import process now supports importing corporate actions, after corporate action import was made available within FA Back in 3.12.

  • Import MiFID Costs from EMT file process now properly logs errors into audit system, allowing you to notice when the process is unable to find a security or crashes for one of the rows.

Bug fixes

  • Import MiFID Costs from EMT file process now correctly triggers report recalculation on affected portfolios when importing ex-post costs.

External Reporting

CRS/DAC2 reporting

Features and improvements

  • CRS/DAC2 process has been improved in terms of data gathering and report generation logic. In addition, there is now a possibility to generate report in the background.

Bug fixes

  • CRS/DAC2 (Swedish format) process no longer contains TIN/IN field in the report if the field has no value.

  • CRS/DAC2 process now correctly only includes portfolios from the group the report is generated against, without unnecessarily including controlling person's other non-reported portfolios.

MiFIR transaction reporting

Bug fixes

  • MiFIR reporting automation routes are no longer case sensitive, forwarding ZIP-files from authorities also when written in capital letters.

SIRA reporting

Bug fixes

  • SIRA report now correctly reports futures as well as market values of fund-holdings in non-euro portfolios.

  • SIRA report now supports all counterparty identification types and no longer expect them to always be "O - other".

  • SIRA report now reports accounts with zero balance are correctly with code 221 instead of 4.

  • SIRA report now correctly sums up PEF: market value on liability positions.

  • SIRA report no longer loses rows when generated against multiple portfolios that have positions in the same securities.

Other external reporting

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the AIFMD reporting for DNB custody processes to make the install scripts to work properly in FA Back 3.11 with the new way of configuring tags.

FA Front

Features and improvements

  • New Monthly investments/divestments process for allows you users to define up to five security-specific investment/divestment schedules per portfolio through FA Front.

Fee Management

Features and improvements

  • Rebate contracts now provides you with an option to group specific securities together when calculating AUM.

  • New fee formulas Periodic performance fee formula with subportfolios and Periodic relative fee formula with subportfolios allow you to calculate a single fee for a portfolio and its subportfolios.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Standard capitalizations and Standard Fee Calculation processes to make the user interface work properly in FA Back 3.11 with the new way of configuring tags.

  • Fixed an issue in Launch configured processes related to scheduled runs of Standard Capitalization - scheduled runs of Standard Capitalization now longer require "deprecated" saving of process configurations.

Fund Management

Features and improvements

  • Fund settings and Share class settings have been extended to accommodate new features in FA Fund Management related to FX hedging and unit certificates. In addition, new FX hedge formula allows the system to calculate the value of an FX hedge.

  • New Standard fund reports package contains the standard fund reports included in the FA Fund Management application. This includes standard report templates for NAV excel and PDF, Shareholder export report and Unit certificate report.

  • Fund management process now supports instructing the system to roll trade order's dates to the created transaction during automatic execution. If a trade order has settlement date set and a tag "LockSettlementDate", automatic execution keeps transaction and settlement date as they are. Otherwise dates are set according to the normal rules defined in Fund settings.

Bug fixes

  • Fund management process now sets the correct FX rate to client portfolio's transactions correctly handles offsets for setting settlement dates when automatically executing orders during NAV calculation.

  • Fund management process now correctly uses share class security's holiday calendar (instead of fund's holiday calendar) when calculating transaction settlement dates.

  • Transactions with security type configuration for "future contract" are now excluded from R&L section of NAV in Fund Management process.

  • Shareholders export in Fund Management process now produces a file with correct file extension XLSX.

  • Fund settings and Share class settings no longer contain fields for SIRA reporting, ensuring that fund-related settings don't interfere with SIRA report's settings.

  • UCITS xml report now correctly sets NAVRate to 0 when number of shares is zero, includes the missing CFI tags and no longer contains an empty Offbal section. In addition, UCITS xml report is now has a version that is compatible with both the Fund management process and FA Fund Management application.

Market Data Connector

Features and improvements

  • Morningstar security data and prices has been extended to cover more security static data with the following REST endpoints: RegionalExposureBreakdownRecentPort, MarketCapitalBreakdownRecentPort, CreditQualityBreakdownRecentPort, GlobalBondSectorRecentPort, GlobalStockSectorBreakdownRecentPort, StyleboxBreakdownRecentPort and CouponRangeBreakdownRaw

  • Create/update security information from external source process now supports fetching prices after creating securities, allowing you to update the price history of a security along with the reference data without separate fetching.

Bug fixes

  • Create/update security information from external source process now correctly updates security update codes when mass-creating securities.

  • Create/update security information from external source process no longer produces an error if there are null update codes.

  • Fixed an issue in Create/update security information from external source process where the process ran into an error when running against an un-configured market data connector.

Model Portfolio Management

Features and improvements

  • Execute cash transfers process within Subportfolio Weight Adjuster now contains additional validation to check that all the orders in the reference group are included in the run.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Rebalance templates and Invest deposits according to investment plan processes to make the user interface and install scripts to work properly in FA Back 3.11 with the new way of configuring tags.


Features and improvements

  • Routes for general incoming payments now support MT940 bank statements upload.

  • In addition, Routes for general incoming payments now support an alternative /back-writable/payments directory in order to unify directory structure.

  • OP-specific pain.001 file generation is now done without purpose code "SUPP" in General outgoing paymentsprocess.

  • In addition, General outgoing payments process has been improved in terms of configurability.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in General outgoing payments process that the transactions were not properly tagged after payment material was created.

PEP and Sanction Checks

Features and improvements

  • PEP and Sanctions lists integration now allows you to configure / override tags used by the process.

Portfolio Management

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Transactions from positions processes to make the user interface work properly in FA Back 3.11 with the new way of configuring tags.


Features and improvements

  • Reconciliation routes package now contains new standard routes for reconciling with MT535 format position reconciliation files.

  • Positions export query now also contains currency information.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the latest version of Reconciliation Positions process in FA AppStore.


Features and improvements

  • Settlement service now supports stamp duty indicator (22F) and transfer of beneficial ownership indicator (22F).

  • Settle transactions with a file process within the SWIFT package now runs saved transactions through rules when settlement instructions are created.

Bug fixes

  • MT548 reader in SWIFT package now ignores PACK-messages (acknowledgment of receipt) when tagging with Settlement-Done.

Signicat Digital Identity and Signing

Features and improvements

  • New Send documents to Signicat process allows you to send PDF documents from FA's document library to Signicat for electronic signing. This process supports (mass) sending documents to signing if they are uploaded to a contact, portfolio, transaction, or trade order in FA, and are tagged with Document Signing-Waiting. Tagging can be done on request (manually) or automatically. The process also allows you to browse the document signing status for documents that have been sent to be signed.

  • Signicat Sign process has been improved in terms of signed document tagging and signing notification language logic.

Task Management

Bug fixes

  • Filtering now works correctly for "not completed" tasks in Mass-modify tasks process.

Tax Reporting

Finnish tax reporting

Features and improvements

  • VSAPUUSE report within Finnish tax reporting process has been improved to handle short-selling properly and has been extended with support for reporting "forced-buyouts".

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Finnish tax reporting processes to make the install scripts to work properly in FA Back 3.11 with the new way of configuring tags.

Norwegian tax reporting

Bug fixes

  • ASK report within Norwegian tax report process now works correctly also for year 2021.

Trade Order Management

Features and improvements

  • Bulk trade orders and Bulk order execution processes now support running the process without a UI, allowing you to schedule these processes to be run automatically if needed. In addition, these processes now provide users with proper feedback if run manually without a UI.

Trading Connector

Bug fixes

  • Send trade order process now limits the description text in an error task to ensure the task's description is not too long for the task to be saved.

System (including Administration and Utilities)

Features and improvements

  • Query Monitoring process now support using e-mail templates for sending out the monitoring results.

  • Monitor market prices process now contains proper logic for default e-mail sender address.

  • Keystore upload tool now supports uploading individual keys and certificates.

  • Integration Startup Tool process now supports bean initialization methods.

Bug fixes

  • Delete contacts process now works correctly with contacts that have a linked portfolio and also deletes documents of the deleted contacts.

  • Design-based importer process no longer breaks when using profiles with multi-select populatable components.

  • Scheduling manager process now works without limited visibility even when configurations are saved without conversion. In addition, Scheduling manager no longer has an instruction link.