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Generate reports for transactions

FA lets you generate reports based selected transactions. For example, this is useful if you need to report transactions that result from trade order execution. You can create individual reports, mass-generate reports for a group of transactions, send reports via email, or publish reports to documents.

To generate a report based on selected transactions:

  1. Make sure you have emails for sending reports entered in the Portfolio window's Reporting tab.

  2. Select transactions in the Overview and click the printer icon at the top of the transaction list.

  3. Fill in the fields in the Report window that opens:

    • Selected report: Transaction confirmation.

    • Output type: Report per portfolio via email.

    • Folder name: name: Name for the folder for the created reports.

    • Email template: Transaction confirmation

The system will send emails to the portfolios that have a reporting email configured.

Read more about report packages and scheduling a report from here: