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FA’s Settlements generates settlement instructions in standard electronic formats and allows you to track settlement status. You can connect FA to your custodians to send and receive settlement messages automatically.


Generate settlement instructions

  • Generate settlement instructions from transactions - settlement instructions are provided to the user as text files. The full list of supported formats is described in the Supported formats section.

  • Generate settlement instructions to multiple custodians at once - if generating settlement instructions from a collection of transactions which includes multiple custodians, FA creates multiple settlement files (one per custodian).

  • Tag transactions to indicate that settlement instructions have been generated/sent - after settlement instructions are generated, the corresponding transactions may be tagged to indicate that.

Automate your settlement handling

  • Extend the degree of automation via bank and custody connections - if you are using the settlements module alone, settlement files are downloaded and sent forward manually. Sending of settlement files can be automated with Bank and Custody Connections module.

Supported formats

Message types




(ISO 15022)

CSV (Danske Bank)

CSV file specific to Danske Bank containing settlement information.

CSV (Handelsbanken)

CSV file specific to Handelsbanken containing settlement information.


CSV file specific to SEB containing settlement information.