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Fee calculation view

Fee calculation view allows you to create, search, modify and run fee calculations. In the fee calculation view, you can calculate fees that affect multiple portfolios: the fee calculation view saves the fee calculations you have created and keeps track of the runs you have made to different portfolios for easier management and modifications of the fee calculations.

Fee calculation view allows you to conveniently calculate fees that affect multiple portfolios (which you cannot easily open on the Overview). Alternatively, you can initiate fee calculation through the New corporate action Menu - this is convenient if you are calculating a fee that affects a single customer or portfolio since the customer or portfolio you have selected on the Overview is suggested as a default for the calculation.

Searching for fee calculations

The Fee calculation view consists of two sections: the upper part of the view lists the fees calculations entered in the system, and the lower part lists the runs related to a selected fee calculation.


The fee calculations saved in the system are listed at the top of the view based on the fee date, latest first. The fee calculations can be filtered based on the information defined for the calculation. The filtering can be done with content of the columns available on the view: you can filter fees for example with the date, transaction type or information entered in the fee memo.

The lower section lists the runs or scheduled runs linked to a fee calculation selected from the list above. The Runs column allows you to easily see how many runs are linked to your fee calculation - if there are more than 0 runs, selecting the fee calculation will list the runs in the table at the bottom of the view. You will be able to see the date and time and whether a run has been performed or Scheduled together with the portfolios included and the user who performed the run.

The New fee calculation menu item and New run buttons allow you to calculate a new fee.

Modifying fee calculations

The existing fee calculations and runs can be viewed, modified and deleted by double-clicking a fee calculation or a run from the listing.


You are only allowed to modify a fee calculations that has not yet been run to any portfolio(s). If you wish to modify a fee calculation already run to portfolio(s), first delete the run(s) (which will also delete the corresponding transactions from the portfolio(s)), then make the desired modifications, and re-run the fee calculation to the portfolio(s) again.