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Configure and create transaction and holding reports for Futur Pension

Futur Pension is a Swedish insurance company offering different kinds of pension solutions for individuals and corporations. You can create XML files with transaction and holding information from FA and configure them to be sent automatically via SFTP to Futur Pension.

The reports are generated based on the selected reporting date, and the reported transactions are marked with the Futur-Sent tag to prevent them from being sent again later.


To use this functionality, you should have the role REP_FUTUR assigned.

Configure the sending

To enable the automatic sending, specify the connection parameters in Tools → Administer → External reporting → Futur Pension reporting:


Select Enable automatic transfer and fill in the Username and Password to enable the automatic sending. Also select whether to connect to the test or production system (defaults to Production if nothing is selected). Use the Skip manual approval and Skip date selection checkboxes to not use FA Back user interface for approval of the files and date selection.


If you want to schedule the report sending, both Skip manual approval and Skip date selection need to be selected.

Specify the insurance number

Enter the insurance number as one of the portfolio IDs (you can choose which ID to use):

  • Portfolio ID in the Portfolio window, Basic info tab.

  • External ID in the Portfolio window, IDs tab. Specify “Futur Pension” in the External name field when adding the ID.

Make sure that either the Portfolio ID matches the insurance number, or add the insurance number as an External ID with External Name Futur Pension under the IDs tab of the Portfolio window.

Create the reports

To generate reports:

  1. Right-click the portfolio in the Overview , Portfolio hierarchy pane and choose External reporting → Send data to Futur Pension. The reports can similarly be created from the Portfolios view.

  2. Choose the reporting date and click Done. The holdings and transactions files are generated.


    If there are errors, you can view them in the _validationErrors files. Check the file contents and make adjustments to fix the issues.

  3. After you get no validation errors, you can send the files to Futur Pension by clicking Done. This only applies if you configures the automatic sending to Futur Pension as described above.

    The reported transactions are marked with the Futur-Sent tag after you click Done.